Toronto Raptors

Vegas Over/Under: 48.5

Fromal’s Record Projection: 48-34
The Bet: Avoid but lean under
Though the Toronto Raptors’ offseason could be deemed a favorable because they managed to retain Kyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka, they didn’t escape scot-free.
Cory Joseph and DeMarre Carroll were traded away to fresh locations, which puts a lot more strain on Delon Wright and new registering C.J. Miles to fill the shoes of the departed contributors.
Fortunately, they should have the ability to.
Joseph was not particularly successful in Toronto, and Wright has significantly more upside as Lowry’s main backup. And following Carroll proved a separation on his new arrangement, Miles should fit in with his spot-up art and willingness to do the little things well.
All these are strong but largely lateral moves, containing high floors but more than hints at loftier ceilings.
The Raptors went 51-31 final year, and that was a true representation of their skills.
But regression is coming–not because of roster moves, but instead players slipping down at the leaguewide pecking order. Lowry is another year removed from his 30th birthday (bad news for a point guard), Ibaka is no spring chicken and the team is relying on much more youth for its thickness, which might lead to some inconsistent showings.
Toronto should still end near the top of the Eastern Conference; our projections have them at No. 4. But compelling for 50 wins might be asking a little much.

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